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Nursing leadership in our current world is not the same as it was.


When your frontline leaders don’t have enough of the right skills and support, your quality – and staff – suffer.

If you have tried other approaches to development, or are thinking about how to bolster your current program, it is likely that other tactics you’ve tried or considered don’t emphasize practical skill development… in the way that we will for you.

While certain dynamics of today’s healthcare landscape different and challenging, with the right support, skilled nurse leaders catalyze change for their organizations, staff, and patients.

Most CNOs, CXOs, and senior hospital executives state that they wish there was more they could do to support their frontline nurse leaders.

Most organizations are lacking personal support and development that is tailored specifically to nurse leaders by nurse leaders.

Nurse leaders who are offered personal support are more likely to stay in their role.

Supporting nurse leaders to identify their goals, mission, and authentic leadership voice, while managing their time and building skills for impact, creates confidence.

Consistent coaching of these skills promotes utilization and mastery.

Nurse leader skill development improves outcomes for patients and teams.


The ability to build and scale an effective nurse leader development program is difficult. It takes many people and a lot of time, money, and skills to lead and deliver learning that will actually help you reach your goals.

In organizations where there is a homegrown nurse leader development program, these are often run by internal human resources or organizational development colleagues, and thus struggle with connecting to the reality of day-to-day frontline nurse leader life.

Or, if an internal program is run by nurses, it takes a lot of time and energy to do it right… in addition to their other work. This leads to a lack of cohesive, efficient planning and comprehensive skill development support, which leads to no change in outcomes.


We understand the challenges of being a new frontline leader and we’ve created exemplary outcomes for our own departments, using critical skills to shift employee engagement, retention, and patient experience/quality outcomes.

We’ve heard and know the challenges faced by organizations when trying to create a program internally. And we’ve delivered programs for nurse leaders and other healthcare leaders across the globe, and we know what works.
We have talked to hundreds of nurse leaders and THEIR leaders from around the world, and the theme is clear: Nurse leaders don’t need more certificates and seminars. They need skills and support.

So we’ve built something different for you.

What you need are dedicated nurse leaders to guide and support your nurse leaders.

What you need is not just a program, but a partner WITH a program.

We support you with:

Dedicated nurse leaders that are experts in frontline leadership best practices

Content and learning process that are evidence-based and designed by nurse leaders with adult-learning expertise

Timelines that are efficient and tailored to you and your team

Strategic support to ensure the learning is delivered to the right nurse leaders at the right time

Partnership and expertise to scale the learning and support within your

Our learning content and approach does not emphasize how to make or manage a budget, lead projects, or understand other facets of hospital finance, supply chain, or operations. We emphasize and focus on the skills, behaviors, and knowledge that change patient and staff outcomes, such as:
– Nurse leader rounding: skills for efficiency, engagement, and impact
– Performance conversations: skills for appreciation, accountability, and retention or
purposeful attrition
– Service recovery: skills for empathy, resolution, and control

Our Programs & Partnership

O.W.N. Your Rounds Program

The O.W.N.Your Rounds© Program focuses on the organizational dynamics of effective rounding that changes outcomes. We provide support to hospital leadership teams and core skills to individuals. The program includes:

1. Organizational Awareness & Strategy Support: Rounding Inventory & Needs Assessment
2. Workshops on Rounding Skills (to learn our W.I.N. Your Rounds© approach)
3. Nurse Leader & Healthcare Leader Live Rounding Coaching & Feedback

The Skilled Nurse Leader Program

This program is for systems that want to build a practical skill program for new or novice leaders.

We provide a series of best-practice focused workshops to support practical competency development for frontline nurse leaders:

- Workshop 1: S.T.E.P. Up© (Self-assessment of goals, gaps, growth, and vision, Time Leadership, Emotional Awareness, Practical Authenticity)
- Workshop 2: W.I.N. Your Rounds ©
- Workshop 3: R.E.A.C.H. Your Team ©
- Workshop 4-6: S.E.T. the Bar © (Strategic Communication & Expectation Setting, Employee Engagement & Recognition, and Team Ownership & Empowerment)

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Nurse Leader Rounding Support

  • Training: Small group, interactive workshops for nurse leaders that enable meaningful reconnection with each other and their purpose while building tangible skills for effective AND efficient rounds on patients and staff

- 6.5 hour workshop
- 5-10 participants per workshop
- Offered in-person (or virtual if necessary)
- Highly interactive, with segments of discussion and learning followed by practice and feedback

  • Coaching: 1:1 “live” support to further develop nurse leader rounding skills that are based on the individual’s goals for development and Radius’ observation and assessment of development priorities

- Workshop attendees schedule TWO follow-up, 1:1 coaching sessions for additional Nurse Leader Rounding skill development
- Nurse leaders set goals for skill development and receive real-time feedback about Nurse Leader Rounding skill development
- Should occur within the 6 weeks after the workshop
- Occurs in nurse leaders’ "native practice environment"

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Internal Sustainment

  • Immersive process for select nurse leaders to develop expertise and gain skills to coach others towards improved nurse leader rounding

- Ideal for larger systems seeking to have an “internal” option to sustain Nurse Leader Rounding skill development
- Occurs after initial workshops and coaching
- Organization can identify possible participants, ideally from frontline nursing leadership roles, organizational development roles, or those who lead quality and experience internally to serve in a “peer to peer” training capacity

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Nursing Leadership Development Support

  • 360 Feedback Evaluations: Validated tools from the Center for Creative Leadership measure 15 different competencies that are essential for skillful leadership of nursing teams
  • 1:1 Coaching: Feedback driven and focused on individual leader’s goals for development
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Emerging Nurse Leader Development Programs & Support:

  • Program Series: Essential competency development for your nurse leaders identified by you and supported by the American Organization of Nursing Leadership (AONL)
  • Guided by an internal needs assessment and exploration of learning goals for your select, emergent nurse leaders
  • Includes interactive, “hands on” learning
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Nursing Team Development Support via Interactive Sessions

  • Specific support to improve nurse leader, patient, and staff experiences: Evidence-based improvement support for essential nurse leaders
  • Facilitated interactive learning and growth: Adult learning and development concepts and exercises that shift patterns of leadership performance and behavior to produce an outcome
  • Ideal for nursing leadership teams that are new to working together, have been restructured, or are struggling to achieve performance goals
  • Focuses on strategic priorities and the group dynamics that are required to achieve them
  • Can be done in a single session or via a series of sessions
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