At the center of your organization are your Nurse leaders, and at the center of your leaders is Radius.

Radius Leaders supports Nurse Leaders to find tangible ways to embrace their distinctive voice and role at the center of the change around them. Through partnership, learning, and direct coaching, leaders gain practical skills to own and disrupt situations and foster improved outcomes for their teams and patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Radius Leaders is a nursing leadership development and consulting firm, focused specifically on nursing leadership and the intersection of evidence-based nursing leadership skills and employee and patient experiences. Founded in 2017 by Greta Rosler MSN RN NEA-BC CPXP, Radius was established to meet the need of senior nursing leaders who were seeking to support their frontline leaders with inspiration, realism, and tangible skill development for improved employee engagement. Since that time, Radius has grown to offer a complement of dynamic support options for nurse leaders that not only improve the outcomes for their staff, but also for their patients and for themselves.


Radius provides support and services to nurse leaders who are seeking to develop skills that are specific to their needs. While many organizations have leadership development programs, it can be challenging to access these resources and they are often not tailored to the unique and complex leadership competencies necessary for nurse leaders. Radius Leaders can fill that void with customized support when you need it – built by nurse leaders for nurse leaders.


Some real examples of our work:

  • Nurse Leader Rounding Support: Providing nurse leader rounding support for a health system, with ongoing coaching and support for leaders that manage high-volume areas and have high staff turnover
  • Patient Experience Support: Serving as an “extender” for an existing patient experience department within a health system, ensuring that nurse leaders are provided with an improvement framework and ongoing support to meet goals for quality improvement
  • Frontline Staff Support: Meeting with shared governance councils, new-to-practice nurses, and frontline teams to facilitate creative discussion and provide hands-on learning related to bedside best practices
  • Best Practice Implementation Support: Structuring, guiding, and reinvigorating best practices such as bedside shift report, whiteboard utilization, and hourly rounding, and supporting frontline nurse leaders to lead these initiatives with consistency and evidence
  • Emerging Nurse Leader Support: Building and delivering evidence-based content focused on key competencies for development of emerging nurse leaders within health systems
  • Nursing Leadership Team Support: Delivering ongoing and frequent small group team development support for teams that have experienced a restructure and require quality improvement focus
  • Individual Support: Facilitating “360 degree” feedback and individualized coaching for a team of leaders experiencing challenging dynamics with staff
  • Inspiration Support: Delivering dynamic key-note presentations about leadership authenticity, patient experience and safety, and employee engagement

We will customize a program to meet your budget and goals.  Some pricing considerations are as follows:

  • How many participants do you hope to include?
  • What type of support would be most useful and ensure “hardwiring” of skills and leadership development:  a single day workshop, a series of workshops, workshops and coaching, or something else?
  • Do you hope to include continuing education credits for attending participants? 

Either is possible and the Radius Leaders team has extensive experience with in-person AND virtual delivery of interactive sessions.  Even with the possibility of virtual sessions, in-person is usually preferable and enables maximum engagement. 

Greta Rosler or another Radius consultant will come on-site for set days each month.  You will work together to build the agenda for those days, and Greta’s team will lead the scheduling process for your leaders to avoid additional burden on you.  If you are providing workshops and coaching to your frontline team, we will build a schedule together that works for you and then block several days in the month to return for coaching sessions on the units. 

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