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Support Your Nurse Leaders. Improve Your Outcomes.

Radius Leaders supports development of evidence-based nursing leadership practice to create impact. We provide leadership development support tailored to nurse leaders by nurse leaders at the bedside and for the bedside. If your patient and staff experiences aren’t where you want them to be, your vision becomes our mission.

Nurse Leader Rounding Training & Coaching

Nursing Leadership Development Support via 360’s & 1:1 Coaching

Emerging Nurse Leader Development Programs & Support

Nursing Team Development via Strategy-Focused Interactive Sessions

Develop Tangible Skills to Evolve Your Nursing Leadership Practice

We don’t just teach concepts from a podium, screen, or classroom. We show them, practice them, and master them together.

To discuss your Nurse Leaders’ needs and tailored support options, contact Radius here:

Most CNOs and nursing
VPs state that they wish there
was more they could do to
support their frontline nurse leaders.

Most organizations are lacking personal support and development that is tailored specifically to nurse leaders by nurse leaders.

Nurse leaders who are offered personal support are more likely to stay in their role.

Training nurse leaders how to round on patients and staff builds skill and confidence.

Consistent coaching of these skills promotes utilization and mastery.

Nurse leader skill development improves outcomes for patients and teams.

Nursing Leadership in our current world is not the same as it was

We can’t change the dynamics of healthcare today, but we CAN offer new and different support to our essential, frontline nurse leaders.

Do you have nurse leaders that would benefit from support to gain skills with leading patient experience best practices and finding their voice as a leader?

Do you wish your nurse leaders were equipped to hold meaningful conversations with staff that shift accountability expectations and change performance?

Do you have nurse leaders that can’t seem to “move the needle” despite working so hard?

Do you want to find other ways to help since you can’t ease the strain of frontline staffing challenges and crisis management?

Do you need to “build your bench” of nurses who are prepared with the right skills to take on the dynamic role of frontline nursing leadership?

Are YOU a nurse leader that feels like you never get anywhere on your unit despite all you do?

If so – contact Radius to discuss tailored support options for your leaders or teams.

A close up of a doctor in a white dress

I'm a Nurse.
I'm an experienced leader.
I work with your team in their department.

What have past clients & colleagues said about Radius Leaders?

Three doctors talking to each other smiling
“Greta is one of the most capable and hardworking nursing leadership coaches in the industry. I have known Greta for over a decade and had the opportunity to work with her in a coaching role for several years. She has made tremendous strides in our nursing quality, patient experience and approach to system and department-level problem solving. I believe we are a better organization because of her. Thank you Greta!”
Angelo Venditti
EVP & Chief Nurse Executive / Chief Patient Experience Officer,Temple University Health System

Here’s how we work

Step 1:

Contact us to schedule an initial conversation

You will meet with Greta Rosler, Nurse Leader & Radius Leaders LLC founder

Step 2:

Determine together the best options to support your team and leaders

Greta can help you determine if workshops, coaching, or dynamic team sessions will best meet your needs.

Step 3:

Bring your vision for your nurse leaders to life

Frequent interactive and customized support from Radius fills the void and creates a different level of leadership from within your nurse leaders.

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