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Nurse Leader Rounding Support

  • Training: Small group, interactive workshops for nurse leaders that enable meaningful reconnection with each other and their purpose while building tangible skills for effective AND efficient rounds on patients and staff

- 6.5 hour workshop
- 5-10 participants per workshop
- Offered in-person (or virtual if necessary)
- Highly interactive, with segments of discussion and learning followed by practice and feedback

  • Coaching: 1:1 “live” support to further develop nurse leader rounding skills that are based on the individual’s goals for development and Radius’ observation and assessment of development priorities

- Workshop attendees schedule TWO follow-up, 1:1 coaching sessions for additional Nurse Leader Rounding skill development
- Nurse leaders set goals for skill development and receive real-time feedback about Nurse Leader Rounding skill development
- Should occur within the 6 weeks after the workshop
- Occurs in nurse leaders’ "native practice environment"

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Internal Sustainment

  • Immersive process for select nurse leaders to develop expertise and gain skills to coach others towards improved nurse leader rounding

- Ideal for larger systems seeking to have an “internal” option to sustain Nurse Leader Rounding skill development
- Occurs after initial workshops and coaching
- Organization can identify possible participants, ideally from frontline nursing leadership roles, organizational development roles, or those who lead quality and experience internally to serve in a “peer to peer” training capacity

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Nursing Leadership Development Support

  • 360 Feedback Evaluations: Validated tools from the Center for Creative Leadership measure 15 different competencies that are essential for skillful leadership of nursing teams
  • 1:1 Coaching: Feedback driven and focused on individual leader’s goals for development
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Emerging Nurse Leader Development Programs & Support:

  • Program Series: Essential competency development for your nurse leaders identified by you and supported by the American Organization of Nursing Leadership (AONL)
  • Guided by an internal needs assessment and exploration of learning goals for your select, emergent nurse leaders
  • Includes interactive, “hands on” learning
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Nursing Team Development Support via Interactive Sessions

  • Specific support to improve nurse leader, patient, and staff experiences: Evidence-based improvement support for essential nurse leaders
  • Facilitated interactive learning and growth: Adult learning and development concepts and exercises that shift patterns of leadership performance and behavior to produce an outcome
  • Ideal for nursing leadership teams that are new to working together, have been restructured, or are struggling to achieve performance goals
  • Focuses on strategic priorities and the group dynamics that are required to achieve them
  • Can be done in a single session or via a series of sessions
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