Want Less Whining? How Effective Nurse Leaders Cultivate Cohesive Teams that Truly Work Together, Solve Their Own Problems, and Change Outcomes

Do you have a nursing team (or a few, if you’re a senior nursing leader) that just can’t seem to get it together, resulting in staff fighting and ultimately, turnover and poor patient care?  Incivility in nursing is a buzzword, and by now most of us know that hostile work environments and poor nursing staff relationships lead to poor outcomes. 

However, effective nurse leaders know what true teamwork really looks like, though many still struggle to achieve and maintain healthy work environment where staff reliably work together, get along, and figure out how to solve their problems in healthy ways.  

Join Greta Rosler, Radius Leaders’ Founder & Principal in a conversation about:  

– What we think teaming is and should look like in a nursing department 

– Surprising ways we can lead AND manage staff members’ contributions to the team (with less whining!)  

– Simple and specific ways to validate that teaming is occurring and hopefully, getting better

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