Bonuses Only Buy Time: Three Ways That High-Performing Senior Healthcare Leaders Help Teams Achieve Stellar Outcomes

Healthcare has thrown money at the problem of staff turnover in the past and especially, in our current state.  But:  money doesn’t buy true love… it just buys time.  When a staff member feels the love, they stay and work hard, and help their team and patients in ways that create top-tier quality, safety, and financial performance.  

Do you want to know how your organization can go about this, without financially bleeding out?  It’s not that difficult, and Greta Rosler, Radius Leaders Founder & Principal, will share scientific strategies to achieve this that are based on small actions of daily leadership which can:

– Reverse the process of monetary incentives that bleed organizations dry

– Help senior healthcare leaders have confidence that they are creating an organizational culture that feels – and shows – the love

– Identify ways that organizations get this all wrong without even realizing it, and specific, efficient ways they can get back on track

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